The caring health team at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic offers services from routine examination to advanced medical, surgical, and dental care. Below is a sample listing of services provided at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic. Feel free to call (920)892-4225 for more details.

Chiropractic Care

We now offer chiropractic care for your animals at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic. Chiropractic care helps maintain health and treat conditions with less use of medications and surgery. Dr Crispin has completed 290 hours of classroom instruction through Health Pioneers Institute and attained board certification in 2019 by the Animal Chiropractic Certification Commission (ACCC). Chiropractic treatment focuses on the body's ability to heal itself. How does chiropractic care work? The bones and joints of the spine are normally maintained in a specific alignment. The nerves which surround each joint and vertebral articulation are in constant communication with the brain and all organs. When even a subtle change in the alignment of the spine occurs, it is called a subluxation. Subluxation affects the nervous system, local joints and even distant organs, glands and body functions. Treatment typically involves manual therapy or spinal manipulation in order to allow the nervous system to function optimally. Chiropractic care is indicated for many concerns including but not limited to neck/back/leg and tail pain, muscle spasms and nerve problems, jaw/TMJ problems, sports injuries, maintenance of joint and spinal health and healing/helping with chronic internal medicine concerns and post surgical issues. 

Ultrasound Certification 

Ultrasound is an advanced imaging technique that compliment traditional modalities such as x-rays. The use of ultrasound to produce these images is often beneficial for pets while being minimally invasive procedures. Often our pet’s hair coats are clipped on the underside, they are given a mild sedative as needed, and then they are gently hand held during this 60-90 minute procedure. Our doctors at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic strive to offer advanced diagnostics such as ultrasound. We currently have a doctor certified in abdominal ultrasound. Please call to set up an appointment with your veterinarian of choice to discuss if ultrasound would be helpful for your pet.

Wellness Examinations
Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic focuses on preventative medicine. Routine and regular wellness examinations are a key part of preventative medicine. At a wellness visit, your veterinarian will examine your pet from nose to tail. These regular visits service as an excellent communication platform between you and your doctor. Often subtle changes will be noted which can help us catch problems before they become major complications. Routine diagnostics may often be discussed at these visits to make sure your pet’s internal organs are also functioning well. These are perfect opportunities to address any and all concerns with your doctor. Yearly exams are required to dispense any prescription medications, diets, or food. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon for a wellness examination.

Fully Stocked On-Site Pharmacy
Kettle Moraine’s veterinary health care team knows how important medications are to your pet’s health. Therefore we keep a fully stocked pharmacy so that your pet can start necessary medications the same day. In the rare case where a medication is not available, our health care team will write you a written prescription and guide you to the closest dispensing opportunity. You can count on us to provide you with prevention products as well. We often have running specials. Feel free to ask a health care team member about cost specials at your next visit. We stand behind our products. If you ever have problems or questions with medication bought at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic do not hesitate to call us at (920)892-4225. We would be happy to assist you. Refills of your pet's medication does require a 24 hour notice prior to being refilled.

Nutrition Guidance
Nutrition is an often unutilized component of veterinary preventative health care. Many people feed their pets multiple times per day without realizing the impact on disease and disease prevention we can have. Nutrition is an evolving chapter of veterinary health. Nutrition can be overwhelming to many pet owners- considering all the great marketing for pet nutrition companies, but have you delved into research based nutrition? Let our health care experts guide you in the maze of pet nutrition. Please talk with your veterinary team about nutrition at your next visit. We have lots of great resources we are waiting to share with you!

Parasite Prevention/Control
How can you tell if your pet has parasites? Did you know certain parasites can be passed from your pet to you as the caretaker? Often times there are subtle changes with our pets or no noticeable changes at all. Annual to semi-annual parasite testing is highly recommended at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic. By just a few simple tests and products, we can monitor and prevent major disease in your pet. Our health care team is all educated on prevention products and is here to discuss with you. 

Digital Radiographs
Sometimes our pets require a complete internal examination, which could involve digital radiographs (x-rays). X-rays are noninvasive imaging procedures that will help your doctor determine what is going on with your pets internally. As we strive to offer the latest in technology, updating our x-rays to digital has allowed us quicker sharing with veterinary referral clinics.

Soft Tissue Surgery
Here at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic we utilize comprehensive monitoring during all surgeries, including monitoring on EKG/ECG, CO2 levels, O2 levels, heart rate, respiratory rate, and much more. We offer soft tissue surgeries Monday through Friday. Our doctors offer a variety of surgical procedures from routine to emergency or complex. To further calm any anxieties, please visit the “What to Expect” page. We make every effort to ensure optimal care for your pet before, during, and after the surgical procedure. Our veterinary technicians will call with updates after your pet’s surgery at which time we will schedule a pickup time. You will receive both verbal and written discharge instructions for any aftercare your pet may need. Set up a visit to discuss your pet’s surgical needs.

Orthopedic Surgery
Several of the veterinarians at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic offer orthopedic surgical services. We pride ourselves in offering complete care for your pet’s convenience to the best of our abilities. Several of our veterinarians have attended specific hands-on training to perform the latest repair methods for Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) disease repair in dogs.  We also offer other repair methods. You can discuss with your veterinarian the best option for your pet at a consultation appointment to be sure we provide your pet with the necessary procedure. Orthopedic problems and lameness in our pets can be disheartening to pet owners. Let’s discuss your pets condition and help him/her recover as best as possible.

Customized Vaccinations
Vaccinations can be overwhelming to pet owners. It seems every turn we take there is another vaccine to consider and another combination hitting the market. Our health care team is here to guide you through this sometimes overwhelming topic. We are here to provide recommendations specific to your pet to ensure optimal safety. Pets live longer than they used to, and are exposed to more diseases. Many advances in vaccine efficiency and safety have been made over the years. Let us share insights and research with you so we can work together to keep your pet healthy.

Dental Prophylaxis to Advanced Diagnostics
Did you know that there are well over 100 different types of bacteria that live in our pets mouths? Often times this bacteria is normal, but sometimes it sticks to the teeth and lives under the gum line causing bad breath, tartar accumulation, and tooth loosening/decay. There are many great products on the market for optimal oral health in our pets. Please visit the Veterinary Oral Health Council website for appropriate dental chew toys and other oral products. We have found the best prevention to common dental problems is routine teeth brushing at home. Feel free to ask our health care team members to explain/show the brushing process at your next visit. Routine complete oral examinations may be recommended by your doctor to prevent major dental disease. While there are many facilities that offer “awake” dental care, we at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic believe we can do our best through anesthesia, examinations, cleanings, and polishing. This allows us to remove debris below the gum line without our pets feeling any pain or discomfort. It also allows us to remove any hidden tartar and polish the teeth with an ultrasonic probe to smooth out any grooves that may additional tartar accumulation. Anesthesia also allows us to take x-rays of tooth roots (over 50% of dental disease is below the gum line!) Surgical procedures or extractions that are needed can be conducted at the same time while under anesthesia. Let’s take a look at your pet’s teeth and talk about optimal dental care at your next visit!

Permanent Identification
At Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic, we offer microchip implants and registration through the AKC Reunite Program. Microchipping involves placing a small, rice-like chip below the skin between the shoulder blades. This process only takes a few minutes. Our health care team will collect a small amount of information from you (name, address, and phone) and then we send in the registration information for you. All you have to do is update your information should you move, change locations or phone numbers. Microchipping is a great way to make sure your pet comes back to you if they are ever lost, as collars can be lost or fall off.  Ask us at your next visit to microchip your pet!

New Pet Care – Puppy, Kitten, Rescue/Adoptions
What an exciting time it can be when we welcome a new addition to your family and ours! We love seeing new pets, and look forward to developing a life-long bond with your new pet. Although this is a very exciting time, it can be a bit overwhelming. We are here to guide you through this transitional time. Learning about your new pet can take a few days or even a few years. Sometimes they have a background story we can only imagine. During your initial visit, we will review any and all records you bring along for your pet. Those records will give us a good overview of how we can best serve you and your pet. We can’t wait to meet your newest family member and get you both off to a great start together! Also visit Puppy CareKitten Care  for additional guidelines prior to your visit.

Senior Care
You probably know how old your pet is, but do you know how old your pet is compared to human years? It may be surprising to some that pets age much faster than humans do. Our health care team at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to providing optimal senior care. Your pet’s health can change rapidly in their senior years. Keep an eye out for subtle changes and let your veterinarian know as soon as possible. Regular wellness visits are critical during our pet’s senior years, and blood work and image studies may be beneficial at this stage. Each senior pet is unique. Your vet will discuss specifics with you in order to provide optimal health care during this rapidly changing time in your pet’s life. These senior years can be a wonderful time, make some memories and keep your health care team up to date on your pet’s health conditions.

In-House Laboratory
Point of care is very important in human medicine and we at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic believe it’s just as important for our pets. That’s why we have equipment right in the clinic that will provide results on-site in minutes. Our health care team is able to provide many blood, urine, and stool testing right in our clinic. If special testing is required, we work closely with outside laboratories such as Heska, Idexx Labs, and Antech to provide the testing your pet needs. Our team can provide more specifics on testing at your appointment so you know when to expect results. We are here to serve you and your pet with the best care possible!

Pain Management/End of Life Hospice
We at Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic take every effort to anticipate pain and alleviate it before it occurs in our pets. We know that even low grade pain can adversely affect the quality of our pet’s lives. Let’s discuss your pet’s day to day activities together and your next visit so we can provide optimal care to your pets. Our focus on comprehensive patient care includes assessing for pain in every patient. Human medications are not always safe for our pets, therefore if you have any doubts or think your pet needs something for pain, please call us so a health care member can guide you through your options.

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